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Yin Yoga & "Ananda Mandala" Breathing Meditation

  • Robert Clack Leisure Centre Gosfield Road RM8 1DN (map)

I invite you to join me for a transformative & awakening evening, to be guided through Yin Yoga and finish the evening with one of the most powerful ancient breathing meditation practices called "Ananda Mandala". This ancient fast breathing meditation technique "Ananda Mandala", will cleanse, clear & release mental, physical, emotional blocks from the body and create space for inner peace, clarity, to pave a new way of seeing and living.


Whether you have a yoga practice already or a beginner.. or If you found that you are always stuck with certain emotions, suffer from physical pain, or feel like you can't move forward in life.. this is for you. This is also for those who wish to experience the power of your breath and the effect it has on your body. If you have done this type of meditation before, every experience is different and has something new to offer..

 We all need to do self work to achieve happiness, contentment.. clear all the baggage we've been carrying around with us and make space for inner stillness and peace within us that we can retreat to and do things that allows us to give back to ourselves ...let this be the step that you take to do just that...

Yin Yoga - You will be guided through a relaxing Yin yoga practice ( no experience necessary and beginners are welcome). Yin yoga is a passive, slower paced yoga; where postures are held for longer periods of time (4-5min) in a relaxed body and muscle state (using props like bolsters and blocks, to support and comfort in the pose). It is believed, that Yin helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body. We will be holding stretches to access deeper layers of fascia (connective tissue). Yin yoga cultivates, stillness of the body and mind as well as physical ease. This style of yoga is also suitable for people with pains, injuries. Yin will bring back balance and a floating on cloud 9 sensation to the whole of your being..what more could you want for a Saturday night?

love & Light,

Toma x