My Story...


My journey began when I was working in a corporate 9 - 5 job and it came to the point where everything was slowly falling apart, nothing seemed to be going well.. it felt  like  I was struck with a new problem, dilemma day by day. I  found myself  staring blankly at my computer screen, feeling depressed, stressed, tired, unfulfilled. 

Something inside me was screaming to wake up...there must be more to life than this!?! Surely?! 

And oh boy was there... 

That was the day those feelings slowly opened up new paths, connections, events in my life.  All of a sudden everything started to shift in different directions, new jobs, new home, new people.. After moving home, I took up dancing, as dancing was what I loved and could just forget about the worries of my day. Through my local dance class, I met my beautiful, loving and inspirational friend.  Who very gradually and gently guided me, shared her knowledge and supported me on this new journey... And so as well as dancing, I took up Yoga too.

It completely changed my outlook on life, how I was feeling, the choices I was making and most of all it helped me to understand and get to know myself and my body better. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't "I'm on cloud 9" feelings all the time! Oh No! Yoga has a way of awakening the good, the bad and everything that you ever have been hiding or unaware of... but in the end.. everything makes sense... you don't have to figure out how or why.... it just does..and then you smile , feeling  all warm and fuzzy...

With Jamie & Dulce -The Yoga People

With Jamie & Dulce -The Yoga People

Couple of years down the line... I plucked up the courage to book on a yoga teacher training in Bali with  the most amazing, knowledgeable teachers Jamie & Dulce  - "The Yoga People". This experience was physically and mentally challenging, but also a very magical one.. and that was when I qualified in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin Yoga.

Looking back on all the past events, situations feelings of sadness, anger and frustration...  they were all there to  guide me to where I am now. For those who have been part of my journey and connected with me in some way, I would like to thank you... I am constantly expanding my knowledge and will always remain a student of yoga.

So here I am today , sprinkling some happy dust and aiming to pass on the knowledge, benefits and power of yoga to others...                                                                                                                                            Love,  Toma xx