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Yin Yoga, Sound Healing & Meditation Evening

  • 3 Craigdale Road Hornchurch, England, RM11 1AH United Kingdom (map)

We will go on a two hour journey into stillness, releasing built up stress, tightness and emotions from our bodies with Yin Yoga, which will be guided by Toma. To help us surrender & let go on an even deeper level, Christine will share the healing sounds of her crystal singing bowls. The evening will end with a guided meditation to leave you all blissed out for your Saturday!

About Crystal Singing bowls: Vibrational sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level. Studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, (heartbeat, pulse) digestive system and circulatory system. Alignment with the tones of the Crystal Bowls is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today.

About Yin Yoga: Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. With Yin yoga we open the energy channels (nadis/meridians) and try to move this energy through the body, releasing stress, tension, tightness & built up emotions that you may not have even realised were there. A must try if you haven’t tried it before :)