Transformational, Magical Healing Yoga Retreat

With Toma & Shahana |19-25 OCT 2019

| Sacred Monterrey Mountains, Mexico

19-25th Oct 2019 - Women’s only

If you create space for yourself in your life, just get away from the city, from the noise, from your daily home routine, from your kids and all your chores - Get away to a place of quiet, where you will be supported and in a space where you can just take time out for yourself and breathe, think and just be.. You will transform & come back recharged, with new ideas, motivation, more energy, healthier, happier, stronger you. Fill your own cup first, so it overflows, to then be able to deal with anything that comes your way...

If you are ready for a wonderful, life transforming, powerful shift in your life - this is for you! Your fears will be replaced with courage & love, as the burdens of life and the stresses of day, will be lifted from your shoulders. You will gain knowledge and understanding of how to find yourself more in tune with your positive side and more able to face with any difficulties that may come your way. You will become aware of things that have been keeping you from living the life you love and receive strength in letting them go, as well as start creating the life you want to live!

As you sit by the pool gazing at the breathtaking views of the mountains that are surrounding you...the most beautiful sunset colours and shades are moving across the mountain tops, as the sun sets for the day. You sit in stillness with a gentle smile on your face, mesmerised by the beauty of it all and reflecting on your day and experiences.. in your feel peace, happiness and gratitude. In the distant background you hear the birds singing, happy conversations and laughter that your new friends are sharing with each other.. It’s the end of an incredible day spent experiencing uplifting, healing & life changing practices. You can hardly believe that, at last, you’re here..and it’s even better than you have imagined…

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Starting our mornings with stillness..

One of the most delightful ways to start your mornings with, is meditation. Which is why we will be starting our days with guided blissful meditations, surrounded by 360 degree views of the sacred mountains, in our beautiful dome shaped Shala (practice space) , to set you up for the day ahead. Breathing in, breathing out and letting ourselves go with the flow , clear focus and zen vibes! Meditation will help you to enhance your awareness, prevent stress, anxiety, as well as promote your overall emotional health and outlook on life!


Energising Vinyasa morning yoga practice, will stretch & strengthen the body. It will help you to release tension and stress built up physically and emotionally. You will feel recharged and balanced with new energy! Our Yoga sessions are tailored to suit all levels. You will have the chance to develop & deepen your physical practice. Towards the end of the day,  we will bathe in the sounds of live music played by Carlos Mundalah, whilst practicing relaxing Yin Yoga.

You will also have plenty of  time during the afternoon,  to soak up some sun, read a book, take a recharging nap or cool off in the swimming pool...  

Everyday you will be joined by the local Shamans, who will help us initiate you into the 9 Empowering Munay-Ki Rites. The nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. You will have the chance to experience a sweatlodge “Temazcal”, which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. This universal ritual benefits the body and the soul, balancing your mind and emotions for inner peace and harmony, while releasing stress and detoxifying the body through chanting and ancient music.


Gain deeper connection and understanding of the four elements, which are essential to life, through the "4 Element Cleansing & Cacao Ceremony", taught by the Shamans. In this workshop, you will have a personal cleanse with the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, as well as learn how to perform this yourself whenever you feel called to do so. This is an empowering ritual, which also helps to detach and let go of past negative, painful relationships in a safe space and a safe way. Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect with your yourself. It aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space.

A retreat wouldn't be a retreat, if we forced you to do every single activity on the schedule! Whether you would like to take a break, or just reflect on your journey and have some personal "me time", you have the option to opt out, from anything you wish on the schedule..

After spending a week.. learning, transforming on all levels, gaining wisdom with your teachers and the local Shamans... you will return reborn, have a heart full of gratitude, feel confident and happy!

“LOVE! I Want to cry! Best experience ever!” - Rachael L.

About your Teachers…

You will be guided on your retreat by experienced teachers, Toma & Shahana, who have trained with the best yoga teacher training Faculty, "The Yoga People" - Click here to find out more.Being inspired by their own life changing transformation from their practice of Yoga, Toma & Shahana  wish to pass this on to you, so you can live a more happy, conscious, healthy & meaningful life. They both teach various styles of yoga, which is a mixture of Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Rocket, Mandala Vinyasa and is suitable for all levels, with the aim of challenging you physically (in a good way!), mentally and spiritually.

Don't worry if you feel like you haven't got enough experience! Modifications, with plenty of personal attention and time for questions with guidance, will be available to you. Those who have a regular practice will find inspiration and new fun challenges to overcome. Its all about having balance and fun at the same time!

Toma & Shahana have 9 years teaching experience combined and you can rest assured you will be looked after, guided, nurtured through your practice and know that you are in safe hands. 

For more background info about Toma, click here... 

To find out more about Shahana, click here...

This will be a magical experience!


Picture above: Temazcal (sweatlodge) ceremonies led by our very own Shaman will be held here, to heal and purify body, mind & soul. Some experience rebirth, some experience release of their fears, past hurts and traumas, improved overall health, a sense of release.. Overall, this is an extremely sacred and powerful way of healing all aspects of yourself...

Why learn with us…

Our aim and vision is to connect you, to your very true self. For you to experience, sense, feel and see what you haven’t before or didn’t even know existed within you. You will have the option of practicing yoga & meditation every day and we will be connecting you to ancestry - lineage where we will tap into your subconscious patterns, that have stopped you from living an abundant, happy, full of energy life. You will be guided through powerful shamanic rituals, to awaken your life's purpose and be fearless in pursuit of your dreams. Get ready to be immersed in ceremonies, dance, chanting.. and so many more breakthroughs on this life changing trip. 


Accommodation, Food & pampering for the mind, body & soul...

As we peel the layers of our old patterns, comfort zones and fears away, La Huasteca will take you all the way back to experience mother nature in its simplest natural forms. You will be sharing a beautiful eco friendly house surrounded by the mountains, equipped with outside showers and rest room facilities. To cool your skin from sunshine’s kisses, there is a swimming pool for you to enjoy!

You will practice yoga and most of the ceremonies/creative sessions on a beautiful dome shaped shala. Even if you haven't done yoga before, you are more than welcome to join us on this trip and experience this for the very first time with us.The shala has a 360 degree open design for you to take in the views as you flow through poses, bask in the magic of ceremonies and rituals, chant and dance your way to the new you…

“…Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food..” – Hippocrates

Charging your body with positive vibrations through yoga, ceremonies and other practices is not enough...we also need to carefully choose what we put in it too, for everything to have a positive effect. We have arranged for a very talented chef to cook for us, who will prepare freshly made, scrumptious, uplifting meals for you, that nourish all layers of your being...truly...a mind, body & soul experience...

What is included...

- Beautiful Eco Shared accommodation and facilities, surrounded by the Sacred La Huasteca Mountains

-  Yummy & Nourishing vegan breakfast, lunch & dinner, everyday by our own personal chef!

-  Wonderful Morning meditations

-  2 fabulous Yoga classes per day, for rejuvenating the mind body & soul

- Live music that will literally leave you feeling heavenly and blissed out (2 evenings of your Yin Yoga practice)

- Life changing Munay Ki Rites (Nine Empowerment rites by the Shamans)

- Magical 4 Element Cleansing Ceremony/Ritual & Cacao (cleansing our energetic bodies & letting go of what no longer serves us )

- Temazcal (Sweatlodge detoxification and rebirth through a unique spiritual journey)

- Water Dance Session (connecting with the divine feminine through fluid movement/Dance)

- Lots of Personal Support from us :)

What is not included...

Flights & Transfers

Additional trips/treatments

Reserve your place now!

You can secure your place by sending a £250 (GBP) non refundable deposit . Once the deposit has been received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Full payment is required by the 19th Sep 2019.  

Deposit: £250 (Non refundable)

Retreat Investment:

SPECIAL OFFER! £100 off for you & a friend, when you both reserve your place for the retreat! If you have been offered a special offer personally, please message us upon paying your deposit.

Investment £1600pp * Prices include VAT (flights not included)

Options to split costs available. Initially only the deposit is required to reserve your space. Final sum is due by 19th Sep 2019

Travel information…

Flights - You will need to source your own flights as these are not included in the package. The Airpot for our retreat is Monterrey, Mexico. The earlier you book, prices are actually higher. Please wait at least 3 months, before booking your flights as prices drop quite a bit about 2 months before date of retreat.


Transfers to and from airport -  A taxi from the airport usually costs around £20-£30 to get you to La Huasteca. We will provide more info at a later stage to help also.

Get in touch, for more info or any questions…  or +44 7540 435 848

We look forward to seeing you!

With Love,

Toma & Shahana

- x -