Private Sessions


Private one to one sessions are great for those who don't have the time to get to a group session or a studio, are anxious & nervous about group sessions and prefer to practice in the comfort of their home or just prefer a one to one tailored experience completely focused on your goals and needs in mind .

Why private yoga sessions? Initially, yoga was ONLY taught one on one, due to different requirements, different body types - bone structures, alignment etc.  Private sessions can help you to:

- Prevent injuries (correct alignment)

- Targeted poses to relax muscles and keep you flexible

- build strength in the body and tone muscles

- work towards specific goals/needs that you have in mind

- Calm the body/mind/soul for an overall wellbeing, with guided meditations, breathing techniques, visualisations & more.. 

- You will receive beneficial tools for life

 Private sessions can be one to one,  with a partner or as a small group. 

Allowing yourself to focus on strengthening your body, recharge , reconnect and of course some"Me time" at the comfort of your own home, studio, office or a hotel. 

Whether its a full body workout or a relaxing deep stretching session with some breathing techniques to de-stress, relax the body and mind. I will tailor the session to your needs and requirements. 

Private sessions start from £55 per hour. Please get in touch to discuss further if you feel like all the above calls out to you... :) 

 I look forward to working with and guiding you on your yoga journey! 

                                                                                                                                         Toma x


        Private client feedback...

Toma’s serene, caring and warm personality, combined with her incredible knowledge, has transformed my mental wellbeing and greatly increased my flexibility. I always feel happy and fulfilled after our sessions and much more able to cope with life’s stresses. Her sessions are also helping me deal with the grief of my husband tragically dying from cancer last year. I could not recommend her highly enough!
— -Alex Riley
Since I started practicing with Toma, I had to reframe what yoga means entirely.It showed me a whole new level of learning and teaching emotionally,mentally & physically.It is intense,focuses & energising-while it feels safe,comforting & entertaining.
She is an incredibly intuitive person,always knowing what the student needs.She communicates in a very clear,kind manner,always smiling.Her cheerfulness is contagious;it is something I look forward to starting the day with-Giant gratitude
— Reka E.
Toma is a great yoga instructor. I have never experienced yoga before and she was very considerate and understanding. From m my first yoga session with her, I felt it was very easy to deal with her and very flexible as well. She has great expertise with yoga and explains logically why you are doing what you are doing. Most importantly she changed my body but didn’t put lots of pressure at the same time, making sure that my time with her is a happy time. Highly recommended
— Fatma S.
Excellent! Very happy with the lessons and Toma. Loved the music, the variety of exercises, her personality and many other things. Definitely will hire her again when visiting London next time.
— Viktorija P.